Wellness at high altitude – Aufguss

Wellness Milegruam of Malga Millegrobbe has been chosen by the Italian Association Saune & Aufguss as a refugee “Wellness at high altitude”.
Aufguss is a wellness procedure that takes place in a sauna, it consists in pouring ice and essential oils on fiery rocks to increase the humidity of the environment and the perception of warmth of the body.

The Aufgussmeister uses specific ventilation techniques made with a towel that directs the steam towards the guests.

The effects are instant, the feeling of wellness helps the elimination of toxins and metabolic scums from the body.

You can try this exclusive experience at Malga Millegrobbe, an ancient alpine cottage that have been renovated, at 1432 meter on the level of the sea. A wellness treatment in a beautiful landscape.

The guests will sit on the benches of Malga Millegrobbe sauna , it can host 35 people and has an awesome view.
After a short introduction, the actual treatment Aufguss starts, it is composed by three different types of ventilation where you will feel different heats.
At the end there is a refreshing and resting period to rehydrate the body through biologic infusions.

The wellness centre is the perfect place where to go to restore your body. It is equipped with sauna, bio sauna, steam room, multi-sensory shower, ice waterfall and two relax zones with panoramic views.

You will be able to have dinner in the restaurant of Malga Millegrobbe and taste typical dishes of Trentino.

The new rooms of Nordic Resort are the perfect place to sleep listening only to the nature sounds.

Malga Millegrobbe
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