Yoga at Lavarone Lake

Benefits along the shores of the blue flag lake

The word yoga comes from the yuj, which means "to unite", "union."

Yoga, a very ancient discipline born in India, in fact represents the bond that balances opposites, reconciles them and leads them to completion: it unites the body and the mind.
Defined by the masters as "the science of just living", Yoga acts on every aspect of the person: physical, mental, emotional, psychic and spiritual. On a more practical level, it is a means of balancing and harmonizing the body, mind and emotions, promoting balance and perfect coordination of all organic functions.

It is intended to be incorporated into daily life in order to maintain an optimal state of health, if you then practice it in an uncontaminated place, the well-being that is obtained increases exponentially.

On the Alpe Cimbra there are infinite places in the open air perfect for practicing this activity, in the green alpine pastures, in a silent forest, at the foot of a lonely mountain, on the banks of a wild stream. But the perfect place is along the shores of the magical Lavarone lake (Blue Flag for cleaning water).

Now close your eyes, breathe deeply, feel the shy breeze caress your skin, listen to the light movements of the water on the lake surface.

Concentrate on your body, your breath and your heart beat, release your tensions and relax deeply ... now it's you, alone with yourself.


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