Lake Lavarone

A true gem surrounded by nature.
With a 64.000 m2 surface and a 17 m depth, lake Lavarone will certainly be an unexpected discovery, thanks to its pristine waters and mild weather.
The lake has been the subject of many legends throughout the past years and has got an interesting history, having it seen Sigmund Freud himself walking by its shore and many other aristocrat during the Belle Époque.
Located at 1100 m above sea level and easily accessible by car or after a restorative walk, the small lake Lavarone was awarded the 2021 Bandiera Blu (2021 Blue Flag) prize thanks to its crystal-clear waters and the numerous initiatives to raise people’s awareness of ecological practices. The lake has been embracing an eco-friendly policy and is working hard since 2021 to make the area plastic-free by considerably reducing pollution generated by trash.
Lake Lavarone is the perfect destination in case you want to take a swim in the summer but it is also worth visiting during your winter holiday if you’re keen on ice skating!
Activities by the lake
In the summer season, it is possible to go swimming. The lake has got two equipped beaches, the first one located on the northern side and the second one on the southern side of the lake. You will be able to sunbathe on comfortable beach loungers, swim safely or choose to rent a pedal boat, a stand up paddle board, or a paddle boat. You might also want to have a walk or try horse riding, mountain biking on the dedicated trails, paragliding, or rock climbing in the nearby Prombis climbing centre.
Events by the lake
The peculiar beauty of the small lake Lavarone inspires magical experiences such as dining in a boat under the stars or admiring the moon’s reflexes in the pristine waters during one of the “Blue Dinners”. If you feel brave enough, we suggest that you try ice diving!
Plastic-free Lavarone
Tourism operators at lake Lavarone, together with the local council and APT Alpe Cimbra, are committed to turning the area into a plastic-free oasis starting from Summer 2021. The plan will surely help reduce the impact trash has on the environment and promote local sources of water. The project consists of short-and long-term goals, such as the progressive reduction of plastic single-use products and the overall improvement of the separate waste collection system. The promotion of local water will be achieved through the installation of water dispensers and the systematic preference for glass bottles which can be returned. Overall, we strongly believe that it will be possible to reach our goals by installing multilingual signage on the topic, making drinking water “on the go” available for everyone, and providing consumers with biodegradable tableware. They might sound like small details, but they are going to make a huge difference over the long term: a common purpose for a better future.
The legend of lake Lavarone
The legend narrates that there was once a green, luxuriant wood where the small lake is today. Two brothers owned the forest, but they were not on good terms with each other, until one day, unfortunately, they ended up fighting so badly that even God noticed them, and, because he got upset, he decided that he would have punished the two belligerent brothers. The next day, the brothers woke up and soon realized the wood had gone, and a lake had taken its place. They learned an important lesson that day and, from that moment on, they quit fighting.