Forte Werk Lusérn

Knows as the “God the Father”
Lusérn fortress was built between 1908 to 1912 and is located at the top of Cima Campo at 1549 mt of altitude. It used to be known as the “God the Father”.

Together with Forte Busa Verle – Busa Verle Fortress – their function was to monitor the Vezzena Pass.

The armament consisted of four howitzers with armored cupola, two 8 cm cannons and 19 machine guns stationing.

It counted on two outpost, Oberwiesen e Viaz, that could be only reached through a gallery or a trench in the forest.

During the first days of the First world war, the fortress was highly bombarded. This led the soldiers to show the white flag. The surrender was close but finally avoided.


From Lusérn:
•Via Baiti/Hüttn trail: starting from C. Battisti/Pill square it is possible to reach the fortress following the trail that allows visitors to observe the small Chapel of S. Antonio Pillele vo St. Antone and the location known as Baiti/Hüttn. The trail is characterized by an uphill with average difficulty.

Via il Sentiero dell’Immaginario Cimbro – The Cimbri Imaginary trail: starting from C. Battisti/Pill square, proceed along the Cima Nora/Plets track and keep going along the main road taking to Malga Campo (by the second crossing, tale the left). It is possible to visit the Oberwiesen outpost and then the Lusérn fortress.

Via il Sentiero Dalle Storie alla storia – From the stories to the history trail: starting from the centre of Lusérn, take the trail Dalle Storie alla storia. It is a thematic path characterized by 25 iron profiles accompanying the visitors on the way and telling stories (extracted from the diary of the priest of Lusérn in 1914 , don Joseph Pardatscher) that happened for real to the civilian of Lusern. The fortress construction, the burst of the war, the return from Bohemia are some of the topics. Along the way back, there are still profiles telling other important historical facts of the II World War. It is recommended a nice break at the mountain hut Malga Campo.

From Millegrobbe:
Drive along the road connecting Luserna to Passo Vezena and after 2 km from Lusern, you will see Malga Millegrobbe. Park the car there.
Hike along the dirt road taking to Forte Campo – Campo fortress for about 1,8 km. The trail is quite easy.

The Centro Documentazione Lusérn – the Lusérn Research centre organizes guided tours for groups and schools on request.
During the summer, it is possible to visit the interior part of fortress with a guide (agreed timetable).
Fur further info, please contact the Centro Documentazione Luserna or check the website