Forra del Lupo (The Wolf's Gorge)

It was called “Wolfsschlucht” by the Austrians, the “wolf’s throat”, the “wolf’s gorge”. A first-line trench that develops along the high rock walls of the cliff over the Valle di Terragnolo, in front of the “sacred mountain” of Trentino, Pasubio…
The “gorge” has to do with the war, the Great War.

The war left permanent traces on the mountains of Alpe Cimbra. Firstly, seven fortresses built with rocks, concrete and iron, among these the museum fortress “Forte Belvedere Gschwent”. However, the war also left other signs like emplacements, cableways’ stations and trenches, even at high altitude. For instance, the trench of the “Forra”. Forra del Lupo is a long route (4.6 km) that from Serrada goes uphill to the top of “Dosso delle Somme”, 1670 metres above sea level, where the ruins of “Werk Serrada” are.

An excursion almost for everyone
The trail of the Wolf Gorge is not a simple walk.
It is signposted with the marker SAT 137, has a difference in height of 460 m and runs along a steep wooded side. However, it is not particularly difficult and it can be proposed to families with children too (more than 8 years old).

It is important to take it one-step at the time, calmly, and to remain on track. In summer, we would like to recommend bringing a hat (some sections are exposed) and enough water.
The conquer of the rock trench.

We begin our walk to conquer the trench from the locality of Cógola, Serrada. We can learn about the length of the path, the difference in height and the points of interest on the illustrative board.
The direction markers show us the way.

After the first part of the path, we arrive in a wood of broadleaved trees and resinous conifers. We are already in the trench, we can walk inside it and we come across the first observation emplacements overlooking the valley. Then the panorama widens, and we can see the tidy villages underneath us. And Here is the Gorge. We walk through the rock walls down the stairs and we see the old shelters of the troops; walk up the stairs and reach the observatories… until we arrive in a beautiful valley of pastures. We are in Caserme.

The gorge remains at our back, but the walk is not over, we still have to arrive at “Forte Dosso delle Somme”.

We can choose among three possibilities: First, go back to Serrada thanks to an easy path (ex-military) that arrives at the bottom of the valley. Second, we can continue walking on the same track that will take us to the Fortress without much effort. Third, we can arrive at the Fortress walking along the most difficult part of the path: the one that passes over the “Dosso dello Smelzar” and arrives at the fortress but only after trespassing an exciting tunnel.

This is the most demanding part of the route, suitable for those with “good legs”… but we made it!
To go back we can choose another way. We can reach the mountain hut Baita Tonda and then take the route SAT 136 that will quickly bring us down the valley.

Forra, the walk of the hundredth anniversary

Forra del Lupo is not only walking through centuries of history, but also discovering the nature and the hidden and unexpected places. It means enjoying landscapes that are among the most beautiful of Trentino.

From the top of “Dosso delle Somme” the view encompasses Pasubio, the glaciers of Adamello, Presanella and mount Stivo to the Brenta Dolomites. Wonderful!

We must not forget that hundred years ago this path met the tragedy of war and today it is one of the emblematic places of the Centenary, and it is part of the cultural heritage and activities that Alpe Cimbra organizes to remember and to make memories.