Avez del Prinzep

“Avez del Prinzep” (The Silver Fir of the Prince), Europe’s tallest silver fir
Avez del Prinzep was recognized by the State Forestry Corps as Italian monumental tree. The tree is located in the locality of Malga Laghetto, in the Municipality of Lavarone (TN).

As consequence of a strong wind, it fell on the 12th November 2017.

It was 54 m tall and with a circumference of 5.6 metres.

“Avez”, in the dialect of Trentino means silver fir, whereas “Prinzep” finds its origin in a popular tail. According to the legend, the tree belonged to the chief of the Municipality of Lusérn, called “Prinzep”.

According to studies, in 1997 it was 244 years old.

Avez del Prinzep is still alive in our memories and it will keep telling its history