The largest Dragon made with woods in Europe

A work by the Venetian sculptor Marco Martalar in Magrè
The sculpture is more than 6 meters high and 7 meters long. This is part of a project to enhance the wood of Avez del Prinzep (the highest white fir in Europe died in Lavarone in November 2017).
The realization of Marco Martalar dominates the woods of the Alpe Cimbra from Lavarone and it’s the keypoint of the thematic path called “Lavarone Green Land”, which involves other surprisingly installations.

The project goal is to create a thematic path in green perspective aimed at enhancing. In addition, the use of the material recovered from the woods hit by storm Vaia.
The wood used for the realization of the work has not been treated and for this reason the mighty Dragon with the passage of time and years will gradually disappear fully embracing the philosophy of the sculptor linked to the natural concept of "death and decomposition".

How to arrive:

  • From Bertoldi continue on foot to Slaghenaufi then follow the signs to reach Chalet Tana Incantata and just before the arrival follow the signs to Magrè or Lavarone Green Land; at the moment this path is not avaible*
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  • From Gionghi take the pedestrian street behind Croce Rossa’s building; then, you have to cross the road keeping the left side following the direction of the historical square of Gionghi. Maintain the right side of the square until you find the signs of the paths towards Magrè or Lavarone Green Land*
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  • From Cappella go toward Longhi then follow the signs for Lavarone Trekking up to Magrè *
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It is not possible to reach the Drago by car. We recommend parking your car in the following car parks:

- Frazione Bertoldi - Parking Triangolo
- Frazione Gionghi - Municipality of Lavarone car park
- Frazione Cappella - Parking Parco Palù

For those with mobility difficulties we recommend the ascent with the Tablat chairlift

*During the Winter season it is recommended to reach the work with mountain boots, trekking poles, crampons or snowshoes.