The cult

Pope John Paul II, who had previously acknowledged her virtues on February 8, 1989 and then beatified her on October 18, 1991, proclaimed her Saint on May 19, 2002 in Rome and was the first one of the Trentino region and Brazil. She is remembered on July, 9 every year. Her remains are worshipped since 1967 and are located inside the Generalate of the Congregation in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
For the beatification, three remains, composed of the left-hand phalanxes, were donated to Pope John Paul II (today you find the remain in the Trento Cathedral), the monastery where St. Paolina used to live, and the family of one of her descendants, namely Albert Visintainer of Mount Carmel, in Pennsylvania (USA) (you can see the remains at the St. Pauline Visintainer Center located in Kulpmont, Pennsylvania). A femur bone is secured in the church of Vigolo Vattaro in the Trentino region.
On January 22, 2006, the Sanctuário de Santa Paulina was inaugurated in Vigolo, Nova Trento, and the remains of St. Paolina’s arm’s bone are exhibited, as well as a forensic reconstruction of her face.