Becco di Filadonna

A safe refuge in the mountains

For the mountain lovers this is the best place to travel to: gentle but also demanding paths, that will let you enjoy breathtaking panoramas of the Plateau and the lakes. 
You can start your ascent to the bivouac shelter in Frisanchi, the highest hamlet of the Plateau, taking the path nearby, a wide rural road. 
Then you have to take the SAT path number 444 that winds through the fresh shadow offered by the surrounding beech trees, leading you to the crossing with path 445 coming from Malga Doss del Bue. 
A bit higher there is a small flat area where you can have a break, rest and enjoy the view. 
Going forward you will find yourself in Val Larga, a barren valley without trees, rich in Dolomite rocks.
When you reach the bivouac shelter you have a wonderful view over three different territories: the Vigolana Plateau and the Marzola Massive, the Valsugana on your right and the Adige Valley with the city of Trento on your left. 
A place of peace and quietness in one of the southernmost dolomitic mountains, in a completely different landscape that suits both for walking in the mountains and for demanding climbings on the Madonnina Peak.
The families can reach the bivouac spending a whole day in the mountains walking towards Casarota mountain hut following the path 442: here you can have a long rest and lay in the sun while you ascent to the peak. 
Then you have to go up towards "Bus de le Zole", crossing a flat area rich in dwarf mountainpines and groundhogs, and then take the path 425 towards the Bivouac.
The bivouac is brand-new and modern, it was inaugurated on 4th September 2016 and is dedicated to Giambatta Giacomelli. 
The building shaped like a blunt pyramid has a light, wide and comfortable inner side and offers five bright windows. 
It is always opened, you can both have a rest during a long walk in the mountains and stay overnight in order to keep on walking the day after.