The Forest of the Innovators

September 16, 2023 – Folgaria – Passo Coe/Base Tuono

A new, symbolic place to inspire, where innovation can put down roots. The second edition of an event that, year after year, allows us to reforest those places which were heavily affected by the Vaia storm, to make connections and re-write the society we want.
Fun and impact together: speeches, meetings, and a deep connection with nature to help build the Forest of the Innovators.
The aim is to tell of how many young people contribute to giving value to our society each day through research, information, art, sport, and culture. We often concentrate on what is not working, while it is our duty to build trust.
1000 new trees – every tree planted is dedicated to those who are willing to shape the future they want: this is, in our opinion, the true meaning of being “innovators”. In collaboration with the VAIA community, Forbes U30, Global Shapers, institutions, and friends.
The new Forest will be dedicated to under 35s, but it will belong to everyone: you are all welcome to build it with us!

Come and reforest with us!