Ciasteczka stosowane są po to, aby przygotować dla użytkownika sieci najlepsze ustawienia naszej strony. Oprócz tego ciasteczka są wykorzystywane przez osoby trzecie, aby użytkownikowi strony przygotować spersonalizowane informacje reklamowe. Przez wejście na naszą stronę, użytkownik zgadza się na zainstalowanie ciasteczek na swoim komputerze. Dalsze informacje o ciasteczkach i ich deaktywacji znajdziecie Państwo poniżej.


06.01.2021 - 28.03.2021 (2 Noce)
Od 170,00 €
Usługi ekskluzywne
  • Overnight in a room of the Nordic Resort where you can deeply breathe the good scent of larch wood
  • Hhalf board (excluding drinks) in the gourmet restaurant with fresh and genuine local dishes such as the surrounding environment
  • Free access to the flagship of the Resort: the Wellness Center Milegruam with panoramic sauna
  • Participation in the purification ritual Aufguss with Sauna Master: fragrant jets of steam will help you to eliminate toxins, superfluous fats and metabolic waste
  • Barefoot driving experience in the snow, to complete the correct hot and cold cycle of purification
  • Moment of rest on relaxation bed, savoring the purifying Cimbre herbal teas, while the gaze runs free between the candid expanses of the plain of Millegrobbe
  • Trentino Guest Card and Alpe Cimbra Guest Card: free of charge, discounts and agreements for a holiday experiences included

There are many ways to enjoy moments of relaxation and well-being. It’s time to take all the time to do it but only in the best way. Your wellness refuge at high altitude is in Millegrobbe, on the Alpe Cimbra in Trentino, in an environment of uncontaminated beauty, between boundless pastures and solitary secular woods.
The charm of an old alpine hut in Trentino renovated in perfect harmony with the surrounding nature, the warmth of its spa where you can try on your skin all the benefits of the Aufguss. With harmonious and scenic gestures, the Master of Sauna will envelop you in the vapors and aromas of an unexpected sensory experience. But it is not the only...
Emotion, concentration, silence. Close your eyes and plunge your barefoot into the snow. Proceed slowly, step by step

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