Attento al Lupo

Fondo Grande
12.03.2023 - 12.03.2023
Attento al Lupo
Attento al Lupo
Attento al Lupo

The game provides the following situation:
• The EXPLORERS (the competitors)
• The ANIMALS (around the skiarea)
• The RANGER (who gives the points)
• The WOLF (true protagonist of the game)

Each EXPLORER has 90 minutes to find as many animals as possible!
If the wolf finds you… you will be eliminated!

Everyone can participate from 6 to 90 years old with skis or snowboard
1) Each explorer wears a bib that will return at the end of the event with the stickers
2) The stickers of the animals that have been found will be attached on the bib and the face of the participant coloured (green squirrel, purple fox, blue fox, orange deer, yellow bear, black eagle)
3) The explorer will be provided with a map with animal zones to find the animals
4) On the map the Animal Zones will be highlighted and some information about the animals will be provided to enrich the knowledge of the local fauna
5) Individuals and groups can participate
6) In-line start, no off-piste required
7) There isn’t a sequence of the animals to be found, but you will have to search around the entire Skiarea helped by the map
8) Who scores more points in the 90 minutes time wins. In case of score parity who arrived first will be the winner.
9) Who returns beyond the maximum time will be disqualified
10) The wolf has eliminated who arrives coloured with red.
11)  The first three will be awarded by the wolf at the end of the event
12) Prize also for the first to find an animal

APT Alpe Cimbra
0464 724100

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