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Permanent MTB tracks through the “Frontline of Fortresses” of Alpe Cimbra.

Length: 104 km
Elevation gain: 2700 m
Are you ready to cycle? 100 KM dei Forti is characterised by high ascents, fast descents, long relax stretches, and again hard ascents and thrilling descents… There is no doubt about the fact that 100 Km dei Forti is one of the most spectacular and striking track of Southern Trentino, unique in its character as it develops along the frontline of fortresses of the Big War.
Track develops along the three Highlands of Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna. 100 KM dei Forti is a great challenge for hard-core cyclers. However, for those cyclers that would love to take it a bit easier, it is possible to go through three different circuits: Folgaria, Lavarone and Luserna ones. Folgaria track is undoubtedly the hardest among the others. Are you ready to take on this new challenge?


Length: 52,7 km
Elevation gain: 1487 m
Itinerary Description
The starting point is Folgaria Square at 1168 m. We proceed towards West and we go up along a stretch of
mountain side (ca 400 m; elevation gain 70 m). We transit the soccer field and we keep cycling to Costa. Once we get there, we cross SP350 (provincial road); from Negheli (1250), we ascent towards Maso Spilzi, reaching Sommo Pass (1343 m). From here, we keep cycling towards the little community of Perpruneri and Tezzeli. Then, we turn into San Sebastiano town. From here, we need to descent passing through “Maso dei Morganti” (elevation gain: 60 m) and Carbonare town (1076m). On the crossing between SP349-SP350, we focus on the left hand side, where there is a dirt little road, that we have to take in order to get to Malga Elbele and to the little community of Virti. Here, we pass under Virti Porch and we proceed towards the ex Austro- Hungarian Command. After passing the provincial road (SP) and following the ancient road of Lancino, we take the little road that goes up to Monte Rust. Once we travelled the ascent (1,7 km; elevation gain ca 80 m) and got to the feet of Austro-Hungarian Observatory (1282 m), we descend towards Lavarone Lake. We keep going passing through the little community of Prà di Sopra, reaching the town Carbonare. From here, we follow the SP350 for a short part and then, on the right we take the dirt path that leads to the Bridge of Spèr, (1070 m) on the side of Astico Creek. We keep ascending towards ex Malga Clama, proceeding through a long and narrow track towards ex Malga Grimmen and the grazing lands of Malga Seconde Poste (4,7 km; elevation gain 330 m). We carry on to Forte Cherle (Cherle Fortress – 1445 m -). After bypassing it and crossing SP142 of Fiorentini, we follow the long forestry road of Val Fredda. Once we arrive to the grazings of Malga Vall’Orsara (1480 m), we turn into the Camini road, and we proceed until when we arrive to Forte Sommo Alto (Sommo Alto Fortress – 1613 m). From here, we cycle towards the crossroads of Camini, Passo Coe - 1599 m -, and then we ascent towards Dosso delle Somme (1570 m) and along the long road of Martinella. Afterwards, we descent through Roccolo (1287 m), towards Serrada town. We carry on cycling along the woods of Mezzaselva, the community of Francolini, the Ecken biotope, the Sanctuary of Madonna delle Grazie. Finally, we reach Folgaria from the East side.  
Departure and Arrival:
Folgaria, 1168 m
Highest Point:
Dosso del Sommo, 1657 m
Total Length: 52,7 km
Uphill Gradient: 1487 m
Downhill Gradient: 1487 m
Duration: ca. 5 hours
Difficulty: (4 black marks of 5)
Physical effort: (5 black marks of 5)


Length: 23,4 km

Elevation gain: 622 m

Differently from long and complex route of Folgaria, Lavarone Route is softer and ideal for intermediate cyclers. For instance, the route is shorter - ca 23,4 km – and the orography of Lavarone does not vary as much as in Folgaria.
Lavarone is known as the “Highland of Freud”. The illustrious father of psychoanalysis – Sigmund Freud -used to come and stay in Lavarone during his summer holidays, amazed by the splendour of Lavarone Lake, where he used to walk and relax. Similarly, Lavarone is popular for Belvedere Gschwent Fortress Museum, - the Museum of the frontline of fortresses -  which focuses on historical facts, war experiences and also memories of Lavarone citizens during the Big War.

Itinerary Description
The starting point is the square of Chiesa (1171 m), and after following Dolomite Road, we proceed towards the little village of Albertini. After passing the fountain on the right, we take the dirt track ascending towards Stengheli. Once we pass by the farm, we cross the provincial road SP349 and proceed to Stengheli. From there, we follow the track “Lavarone Trekking” and we keep cycling until we reach the town of Bertoldi (1200 m). Next destination is Slaghenaufi town, located near the Austro-Hungarian graveyard. We carry on ascending for 1,5 km the upland of Tablat (elevation gain ca 120 m). After crossing the grazing lands and ski slopes, we descent the dirt road leading to Malga Laghetto. Before reaching this location, we turn to the right and we take the mule track near the lands of Antal, which comes out to SP349. We cycle for ca 250 m towards Passo Cost (1300 m) and, on the left, we take the forestry road of Camini and we carry on cycling downhill until we get near Forte Belvedere - Gschwent Museum (Belvedere Fortress, 1177 m). From here, we cycle along the asphalt road that access Forte Belvedere, we pass by little villages of Oseli, Birti and Lenzi until once we reach Masi di Sotto (1106 m). This part of the route is featured by stone delimitations, known as “stoan platten”, which were typical delimitations for parcel of land of German-Cimbran settlers. Form Lenzi, we take the road that leads to purifier and we proceed towards South until when we come out near Lavarone Lake (1100 m). We cycle around the lake, and once we get to the Southern side, we take a dirt road that leads first to the community of Prà di Sopra and then following the direction of Carbonare, we carry on till once we arrive nearby Sole Neve Camping. Once we are there, we need to look for SP349 (1080 m) and run along it, until once we take the path leading to Malga Elbele and Virti community. After passing under the Porch of Virti, in the centre of the little village, we keep cycling until once we get to Austro-Hungarian Command. From here, we ascent until reaching SP 349, that we have to cross in order to cycle along the ancient Lancino road and afterwards the dirt road ascending up to the summit of Monte Rust (length 1,7 km; elevation gain 80 m; altitude: 1282 m). Here is located the Austro-Hungarian Observatory. From here, we start descending the upland following the panoramic path, leading to Via Roma, from which we reach the square of Chiesa.



Departure and Arrival:
Loc. Chiesa/Lavarone, 1171 m
Highest point:
Monte Tablat, 1365 m
Total length: 23,4 km
Uphill Gradient: 622 m
Downhill Gradient:  622 m
Duration: ca. 2 hours
Difficulty: (3 black marks of 5)
Physical Effort: (3 black marks of 5)


LENGTH: 39,2 km

Elevation gain: 1097 m

The route of Luserna is a long and challenging track. It takes to the forest of Tannbolt and, along ascents and descents, to the highest point of Val d’Assa, located between Trentino and Veneto Regions. The route is characterised by spectacular panoramic sites and fortifications that narrate the “War of the Fortresses”.
Another peculiar element is the fact that this route develops in the area known as the “Lont von Cimbarn”, meaning Luserna – Lusèrn. The town is popular thanks to the linguistic and ethnic minority, that, still today, speak Cimbro, an old German dialect that was imported by Braveries settlers in the XIII century.
Itinerary Description
The departure point is Square of Lusern (1333 m). From here, we take Castellani alley. Once we exit town, we take the little road on the right, descending towards terracing. Nearby the purifier, we go up towards Tezze community, and then we descend the path taking to Masetti (1156 m). From here, we proceed on the asphalt road towards Malga Laghetto, an area that is well known for “Avez del Prinzep” – the tallest fir tree in Europe - . From Malga Laghetto, we moved over to the provincial road SP349, we cross it and proceed along the challenging uphill path leading to Tablat (altitude: 1350 m; length: 3 km; elevation gain: ca 150 m). Once we reach the summit, we turn to the right, taking the road that leads to Spiazzo Alto (1380 m). After crossing Menador road, we cycle along a track bypassing the traffic. We come out to Seghetta location, and we face a long ascent (ca 3,2 km; elevation gain: 220 m) leading to Spiazzo della Volpe and Ponte Alto (1460 m). From here, we descend the paved road, leaving on the left Forte Busa Verle (Busa Verde Fortress). We carry on towards Passo Vezzena (Vezzena Pass, 1402 m) and, after turning to the right, we take SP 349 for about 800 m, ascending the forestry road on the left. This challenging ascent is the hardest of the route and leads up to Monte Cucco (altitude: 1582 m; length: 2,3 km; elevation gain: 200 m, with peaks of 15%). Once we reach the peak, we go down along the forestry path that takes to Malga Costalta. When we arrive in the grazing land of Malga Millegrobbe di Sopra (1430 m), we proceed along meadows – near Malga Basson - towards Vezzena area. We proceed for about 400 m along a dirt road, and we turn on the right. We carry on the long downhill path of Bisele. We keep cycling along a long section, and then at the first crossing (1410 m), we take the track leading towards Malga Campo mountain hut- From here we ascend to Forte Campo Luserna (1549 m). Once we reach the fortress, we go down along the forestry road taking to Malga Millegrobbe di Sotto (1424 m). From here, we take the SP9. After a short stretch, we turn left into the road known as Fratelle. By carrying on this road on the left hand-side, we reach Luserna.  



Departure and arrival:
Luserna, 1333 m
Highest Point:
Monte Cucco, 1582 m
Total length: 39,2 km
Uphill Gradient:1097 m
Downhill gradient:1097 m
Duration:  ca. 3,5 hours
Difficulty: (4 black marks of 5)
Physical efforts: (4 black marks of 5)
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